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I am a professional wedding/humanitarian photographer, based in Washington DC, USA, and travel around the world to document people's life. It sometimes gives me a great opportunity to get connected with locals. Last few years I have helped a few locals in India, Sri Lanka, and Bolivia to send their children to schools. My strong belief about education lies in the statement that our children are the future of the nation. I am selling all of my artworks to support OUR children on earth.

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Support Worldwide Education Through My Travel Images.

The Dream To Achieve Is A Right, Not A Privilege In my travels, I have had the pleasure of meeting many children. Hopeful children.
Children full of life, and dreams, and visions. Children who are willing to work hard to fulfill these dreams to become teachers, or lawyers, or doctors.
But what these children REALLY wanted, was to go to school. Such a simple idea and so achievable to so many. But not these children. These school-age children from India, Bangladesh, Haiti, and Bolivia were already working hard to support their families.
They were not granted the time or the environment to learn and play alongside their peers.
This is my biggest incentive for selling my artwork form my world travels. To, in some way, give back to these and other children the right to go to school. The right to play.
The right to have at least a shot at their dreams. Because while to some of us that shot is a guarantee, for these children it is barely a hope.